We’re giving ourselves a fresh new look so that we can do a better job of helping to save the planet on 11th June 2018. We’ll be back soon!

Why Get Involved in World Meat Free Day?

So, why take part in World Meat Free Day? It’s simple really. You see, experts say that by 2050 the world’s population is set to increase to over 9 billion people*. That’s 30% higher than today. If we don’t make any changes to our diet by then, the increase in meat production is forecast to reach 200 million tonnes**. This is a demand that simply cannot be met. So, we’re asking YOU to go meat free just for one day on the 11th June, so you can see not only the impact it can have on your health and the environment, but also how delicious and easy it can be, so that you consider going meat free more often in the future.


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